The Regional Transportation Authority established a 35-member citizens advisory committee to assist in developing a continuation plan. The current RTA plan, which voters approved in 2006, will be implemented through June 2026. The current plan is funded by a half-cent excise tax in the RTA special taxing district established by the state within Pima County.

A continuation plan would be funded by an extension of the existing RTA half-cent excise tax, and both the plan and tax would need approval by voters in a future election.

  • Transportation improvements enhance regional mobility, safety and reliability to make each of our communities a better place to live
  • A continuation of the RTA half-cent excise tax would help meet the transportation demands of our growing communities and leverage other resources
  • The RTA half-cent excise tax provides the most flexible funding solution
  • Current RTA revenues represent the greatest annual average transportation funding source for our region to supplement stagnant state and federal resources

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