On the road to better census results

April 1, 2020 - You might wonder what the census has to do with your commute to work or appointments. The 2020 Census informs spending decisions when it comes to federal road and bridge construction dollars.

Many states, including Arizona, rely on population numbers from the census to allocate revenues from the state gas tax. Those Highway User Revenue Fund dollars are distributed to counties and incorporated towns and cities for transportation improvements.

So, what happens if our state does not get a complete count of residents? We would not get our fair share of annual federal funding for transportation, public works, education, health care and more.

According to the Arizona Census 2020 website, "it's estimated that up to $3,000 per person, per year, is at stake for every Arizonan. That is more than$20 billion annually that helps support Arizona's communities. In fact, for every Arizonan who does not respond to the census, the state stands to lose $887 in federal funding. Just a 1% undercount would represent a loss to the state of $62 million per year for a decade, for a total loss of $620 million."

Your response to the census is critical to ensure we receive needed funding over the next decade for transportation services and planning in our state and region, so please make sure you that are counted! Please respond soon.


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