Houghton Road open house coming up

October 11, 2018 -  The Houghton Road corridor is one of the largest improvement projects in the Regional Transportation Authority plan. The 13-mile long road stretches from Tanque Verde Road on the north to Interstate 10 on the south end.

When the Houghton family homesteaded east of Tucson in the 1930s, they probably never imagined the road that carries their name would carry thousands of commuters to their destinations every day.

Improvements on Houghton Road are being made in several phases over the 20-year life of the RTA plan. In sections where work has been completed, development has followed. City of Tucson project manager Michael Marietti says, “When this vital north-south, six-lane desert parkway is completed, it will act as an important backbone to support even more urbanized growth throughout the entire southeast region. It most likely will become one of the most desirable locations to live, work, shop and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities.”

Along with additional travel lanes, there will be bike lanes, multi-use paths, bus pullouts, drainage features and landscaping all along the corridor. Marietti says it is exciting to be part of the process. “Being a project manager for the City of Tucson brings with it quite a lot of challenging work. But as each of us shoulders the responsibilities of shepherding a major corridor project from a problem or an idea, up through the scoping, planning, designing, bidding and construction phases, we can easily see what we have accomplished come to fruition within the finished product, which is very satisfying to each of us.”

What is even more satisfying, Marietti says, is when people notice. “I recently asked an educator how she felt about one of our completed projects, and she said, ‘We love it.’ That speaks volumes to me regarding the successful results of our public service.”

A Houghton Road open house is set for Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 6 p.m. at Empire High School. For more information, please go to houghtonroad.info.

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