Kolb/Valencia project at halfway mark

February 13, 2019 - On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the team that is reconstructing the Kolb/Valencia roads intersection meets in a trailer at the site to go over progress made on the Regional Transportation Authority plan project and what needs to be done. City of Tucson Project Manager Blake Richards says, “Things are going well. We started about six months ago, so we’re halfway through the 12-month project and looking forward to completion in the summer.”

The intersection and approaches will look very different when the project is completed. Valencia Road, roughly one mile east and west of Kolb Road, will be wider for one thing. There will be bike lanes, sidewalks, drainage structures, lighting and landscaping.

The main feature of this RTA plan project will be a parkway-at-grade (PAGI) intersection to ease congestion and move vehicles more efficiently. The intersection will have ramps in place of left turns, as well as indirect left turns (U-turns). The design eliminates all left turns in the intersection to keep traffic moving and improve safety.

"The signals at the intersection will be timed to make it as efficient as possible, and it should operate a lot better than it had in the past,” said Richards. Once the new ramps are constructed, traffic will be routed there while crews work on the intersection.

If you drive the Kolb/Valencia area, you know that it is one of the busiest intersections in the region. The improvements will enhance your travel experience as well as transportation for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the Port of Tucson, Amazon and several other businesses that use the corridor.

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