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RTA Administrative Code, Policies and Procedures

Administrative Code


Memoranda of Policy 

  • Memorandum of Policy - November 2007 (16KB PDF)
    • Deprogramming of Funds
    • Distribution of RTA Tax Revenues to Member Jurisdictions
    • Periodic Adjustments in Project Allocations
  • Memorandum of Policy - October 2007 (50KB PDF)
    • Use of Unexpended Funds on Categorical Projects
    • Categorical Projects with Costs that Exceed the Authorized Funding Amount
    • Maintenance of Effort Reports
  • Memorandum of Policy - September 2007 (77KB PDF)
    • Public Outreach/Involvement Costs
    • RTA Reimbursement of In-house Staff Costs
    • In-House Staff Costs - Eligible Costs
    • RTA Project Approval Process
    • RTA Project Funding - Multiple Funding Sources 

Project Charters


Annual Report

Arizona State Statutes require the RTA to publish an annual report by year-end in two newspapers in Pima County. The report is prepared by RTA staff.

2006 RTA Sample Ballot

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