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Modern Streetcar News

City of Tucson Streetcar Web page - Up-to-Date Construction Info


09.21.2011 Prepare Your Business for the Modern Streetcar Project
University Services Annex Building
220 W. 6th Street
Tucson, AZ
(520) 838-4352

01.25.2011 - Finding of No significant impact for Tucson Modern Streetcar Project

10.29.2010 - Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment - Tucson leaders hope streetcar gets downtown on track

- Streetcar Project @ 60% Plan

02.18.2010 - $63 million in U.S. funds make streetcar a go

Modern Streetcar - Sun Link



The Regional Transportation Authority plan includes funding for the implementation of a modern streetcar system in the City of Tucson. The 3.9-mile route extends from the Mercado District on the west side of Interstate 10 to the University Health Sciences Center and travels through downtown Tucson and along 4th Avenue.

The RTA, which is co-managing the construction of the Sun Link system with the City of Tucson, is funding $75 million toward construction and another $12.7 million toward operations. Other funding for the $196.8 million project is through federal dollars, including a $63 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant.

Costs include the streetcars, tracks, overhead wires, power supply, ticket machines, stops, maintenance facility, operations, labor and maintenance.

The system will have seven streetcars that will stop every 10 minutes at the 18 stops planned along the route during the day and every 20 minutes during the evening.

The streetcar will operate on a fixed-rail/electric system at street level and will share a lane of traffic with other vehicles. Technology allows the streetcars to operate safely, quietly and efficiently in high-pedestrian areas to link riders with major activity centers where parking is scarce.

Streetcar Facts

  • The low-floor entry streetcar is accessible to people with strollers, people in wheelchairs or commuters with bicycles
  • The streetcar system can carry 4,200 passengers per weekday
  • The fuel-efficiency of the streetcar will help keep the air clean in the downtown area
  • The streetcar will enable more people to travel efficiently and reduce the number of vehicles on the street
  • Streetcar stops will be located about every 1/4 mile
  • The streetcar system will be fully integrated with Sun Tran and other urban transit systems
  • Streetcar passenger fees are expected to be the same as the bus fees as part of a regionally integrated transit system
  • The streetcar system, integrated with other public mass transit, offers an alternative to seniors and others who can no longer drive other vehicles or walk
  • The streetcar system is estimated to eliminate 259 bus trips per days currently heading into downtown from the UA, freeing up those buses for use elsewhere and reducing bus congestion
  • People can park once, but ride the streetcar often between destinations
  • Approximately 20,000 people work within a 1-mile radius of the core of downtown and will have a new travel option to reach urban destinations
  • The streetcar project represents 4 percent of the RTA's $2.1 billion plan
  • Based on streetcar projects in other cities, the streetcar project will lead to an increase in public/private partnerships and mixed-use developments ... commercial, retail and residential, generating millions of dollars in economic development.

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